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The Royal [NL] Of Virtue [USA] / Blinded Memory, Once Upon [LV]

Melnā Piektdiena, Brīvības gatve 193c, Rīga

The Royal (NL - Melodic Metalcore)

Of Virtue (USA - Metalcore/Melodic Hardcore)

Blinded Memory (LV - Electronicore)

Once Upon (LV - Alternative Metal)

More info will follow ....

Metal United World Wide 2018

Melnā Piektdiena, Brīvības gatve 193c, Rīga

Metal United World Wide is a community project with over 40 countries participating. There will be shows all over the world on 5 May 2018 - metal shows in the same night under the same banner. A night of united metal!


Bands :


  • Blinded Memory

  • Once Upon



  • Bloody Heels

  • Terror Activator

  • Iron Wings

  • Rusted Wheel

Svinam pa smago! THP Production birthday party

DEPO, Vaļņu iela 32, Rīga

Bands :

Terror Activator - (Crossover/Thrash metal - LV)

INTENSE - (Thrash/Death/Groove metal - LV)

and special guests - Once Upon

Naughty Halloween

Melnā Piektdiena, Brīvības gatve 193c, Rīga

Club Melnā Piektdiena, THP Production and R.O.Q Concert Agency presents NAUGHTY HALLOWEEN !

Bands :

*Blinded Memory


*Once Upon

*Legacy ID



BDSM master Flame Hel with his Shibari show.


Animus Mortis + Mindesign, Once Upon

DEPO, Vaļņu iela 32, Rīga

Animus Mortis (Chile) - Hypnotic / Atmospheric Black Metal since 2004

Mindesign (LV – metal)

Once Upon (LV – alternative metal)

Entrance - 4 euro, - 3 euro with flyer from - 2 euro, if status "Going" at facebook event - 1. st floor - FREE

Facebook Event :

Metal Battle Latvia 2017 Finals

 —  —

Melnā Piektdiena, Brīvības gatve 193c, Rīga

Contestants :

  • Yomi

  • The Mascaron

  • Pulse of Nebulae

  • Once Upon

  • Oghre

  • Sever

Special guests :

  • Legacy ID - Winners of Wacken Metal Battle Latvia 2015.

Entrance : 4 eur.

#EBASHCrew Party

Melnā Piektdiena, Brīvības gatve 193c, Rīga

  • Trendkill Method🔧 Thrash/Hardcore/Modern Metal

  • Stagnant Project🔧 Deathcore/TurboPolca Shamans of the #EBASHCrew Cult

  • SEVER🔧 Rock

  • Once Upon🔧 Modern/Alternative Metal

  • U-13🔧 Punk-Rock/Heavy Metal/Hardcore

  • Granum🔧 Heavy metal/Thrash

Doors : 18:00

Entrance : 4 EUR

Selfie with hashtag #EBASHCrew to get discount 💲🎉💰

Facebook Event :


Art Club Ro-Ro, Jõe 3, 20609, Narva, Ida-Virumaa

  • MAYLA | Deathcore/Metalcore Latvia

MAYLA is a band from small European country Latvia. It was founded in 2013 and it’s style can be defined like Modern Death Metal with Deathcore and Black Metal elements. Band members have rich musical experience and have played in a very diverse genres starting with jazz and electronic music, to symphonic rock and black metal. As a result you can enjoy blend of influences in their music.

"Possession of the Wretched" is band’s first full length album. As band describes: "It is a result of our thoughts, efforts and really hard collective work. Our lyrics themes are about society’s obsessions and endeavors to increase domination by using any means and ignoring other individuals freedoms, about how changes general value system and other critical and sharp reality visions."

Link to album stream :

  • ONCE UPON | Modern/Alternative Metal Latvia

Doors: 22:00 Start : 23:00 Tickets : 4 EUR

Facebook event :


NABAKLAB, Zigfrīda Annas Meierovica bulvāris 12, Riga

Ekram - Post-hardcore - Spain

Ekram is a band which originates in may 2011. It places its self as an inspired Alternative Metal, American Rock or Post Grunge band, without forgetting the most authentic Hard Rock notes. The components are Alex Roddom on the vocals, Daniel gonzález on drums, Daniel Macarrón on the guitar and Jesús Turiel on bass.

In the fall of 2013, they presented their first auto-fincanced album with 12 tracks, "How to cancel your life". The LP was recorded between the months of february and march 2013, under the production of Emilio Mercader in PKO Studios and 16 Recrods Studio.

In october 2015, presenting the new members (guitarists and bass), they release their new EP "Last man standing", recorded and produced in Estudios Cube by Carlos Escobedo and Alberto Seara, and the videoclip "Breakaway" recorded by Krea Producciones, with who they the will be working with.

Official page :

Facebook :


Once Upon - Alternative/Modern Metal - Latvia

Official page :

Facebook :

Open from 17:00 Show start at 20:00 FREE ENTRANCE

Event on Facebook :

HeadUp, Once Upon, Mindesign

 —  —

Cafe Leningrad, Krišjāņa Valdemāra iela 4, Riga

HeadUp - Hardcore /Metal - Poland

HeadUp plays a heavy and energetic hc/groove/metal. The band was formed in 2000 in Wroclaw, Poland. Since then they have given numerous concerts in Poland and abroad and won some prestigious awards at the Polish festivals dedicated to the metal music.

They have shared the stage with bands like Madball, Deez Nuts, Pro-Pain, Born From Pain, Acid Drinkers, Flapjack, Schizma, Materia, Hope. In 2016 HeadUp was the only official support during Gojira concerts in Poland and the Polish “Back to the Roots” tour of Max and Igor Cavalera.

Recently HeadUp has been actively promoting the newest album “Reborn”, which redefines the sound and music of the band. Discography: Reborn - LP (2015) Next Level Experience - EP (2011) Dissimilarity Defect - LP (2009) The point is to get fat and die... - EP (2005)

HeadUp - demo (2002)


Reborn - LP (2015) Next Level Experience - EP (2011) Dissimilarity Defect - LP (2009) The point is to get fat and die... - EP (2005) HeadUp - Demo ( 2002 )


Dyskografia: HeadUp - Demo ( 2002 ) The point is to get fat and die... - EP (2005) Dissimilarity Defect - LP (2009) Next Level Experience - EP (2011) Reborn - LP (2015)


Once Upon - modern/alternative metal - Ryga

ONCE UPON is a modern/alternative metal band founded in the autumn of 2012, in Riga. Since then it has went through multiple reorganizing processes, which has made the band’s sound just as it is today - every member shares a part of their heart and soul in the process of creation. ONCE UPON's music is a mix of fast and agressive rythms alternating with mellow and sometimes soul-burning melodies with a hint of almost magic atmosphere and, psycho vocals all over it. ONCE UPON has shared the stage with numerous well-known foreign and local bands. On 2014 they got the opportunity to represent Latvia at the biggest heavy metal festival ‘Bloodstock 2014’. Their latest song ‘A Letter to My Agony’ was nominated for the 15th Independent Music Awards as the best metal/hardcore song 2016.

Midesign - Metal - Ryga

The idea of the band was born long before it became real. There was a lot of material just collecting dust. One day John decided to visit Dainis because they hadn't seen each other for a while. Dainis was determined to share his work with someone who would appreciate it. And John really appreciated it. John asked if Dainis wanted to create a project together. At that moment, the idea of the band seemed faint. Bands usually create material together. Who would want to play already written songs? Well, this was an exception. A few months after the meeting, John assembled a group of guys, who already changed before the first rehearsal. Slowly team- building a strong group of people we became Mindesign - a group with a wide vision of the genre, a liking for offensive subjects and mixing incompatible genres, breaking rhythms and complicating their lifes in general. It is for these reasons we are called- Mindesign, because our minds know no borders.

Svinam pa smago

Melnā Piektdiena, Brīvības gatve 193c, Rīga

"THP Production" event "Svinam pa smago!"

Show features


The Mascaron

Once Upon

Special Guests:

Be Under Arms

Tickets :

Pre-sale price : 3€

At entrance : 5€

Facebook event :

" Music Awards" nominee announcing

 —  —

NABAKLAB, Zigfrīda Annas Meierovica bulvāris 12, Riga

On March 10 the " Music Awards" nominee announcing will take place at the club "NABAKLAB".

Show features:


Once Upon

Nova Koma

& DJ Grautinsh from

Entrance 3 Eur

The public voting takes place here :

More info about event :

‎Obedient Chaos [Fin] / Mindesign [LV] / Once Upon [LV]

 —  —

DEPO, Vaļņu iela 32, Rīga

Obedient Chaos [Death Metal/Metalcore, Finland]

Support :

Mindesign [Alternative Metal, Latvia]

Once Upon [Alternative Metal, Latvia]