ONCE UPON is a modern/alternative metal band which was founded in the autumn of 2012, in Riga. Since then it has went through several highs and creative lows, as well as multiple reorganizing processes, which has made the band’s sound just as it is today.

At the moment band consists of five members – Arthur Rochan (vocals), Edgar Meyer (guitars), German Chirksta (guitars), Michael Levyakov (bass guitar) and Vladimir Voevodin (drums).

It is practically impossible to clearly define the genre of the music that we make, since every member shares a part of their heart and soul in the process of creation, therefore making something completely original and unique. Also, even if some inspirations from different artists can be noticable, our sound does not resemble anyone else, as it is often the case with other relatively new bands or projects. Our unique sound is a mix of fast and agressive rythms alternating with mellow and sometimes soul-burning melodies with a hint of almost magic atmosphere and, of course, psycho vocals all over it.

ONCE UPON has shared the stage with bands Unearth (USA), Condesention (EST), Awakening Sun (LT), Underwell (ITA), Snovonne (SK, USA, FIN), Amendfoil (FIN), Of Roofs, Genes and Stolen Meanings (EST), Eye Sea Eye (EST), The Last Shot of War (BE), as well as local ones - Legacy ID, Sever. Mindesign, Omerta, Indygo, Stagnant Project, Helid, Mayla etc.

On April 2014 we participated in the selection of competition ‘Metal 2 the Masses’ and got the opportunity to represent Latvia at the biggest heavy metal festival ‘Bloodstock 2014’.

Our song ‘A Letter to My Agony’ was nominated for the 15th Independent Music Awards as the best metal/hardcore song 2016.

On May 2017 we released their debut EP "Morningstar".

On June 2017 we won the W:O:A Metal Battle 2017 Latvia competition and got a chance to represent our country in the finals which took place in the biggest metal festival in the world - Wacken Open Air.

Our song ‘Morningstar’ was nominated for the 16th Independent Music Awards as the best metal/hardcore song 2017.